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Real World Redneck Outdoor Adventures Podcast

Feb 24, 2018

044: Worms- How to grow your own in raised garden beds for gardening, fishing, organic fertilizer, and more.

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Feb 17, 2018

Ep 043: Social media has become ingrained in our lives.  Although people complain about it, make fun of it, and generally act like they don't care, the fact is...they do.  Most of us engage in one way or another, choosing to put up with a considerable amount of negativity, drama, and nonsense to experience the positive...

Feb 10, 2018

042: Maple Syrup Making

There's just something special about shopping at God's grocery store.  When you gather something from the land and prepare it without additives, preservatives or chemicals, a feeling of satisfaction is sure to follow.  There is literally something available every month of the year if we look for...

Feb 3, 2018

041: Ice Fishing Basics:  Cabin fever is real.  Every year after the excitement of Christmas begins to wane, I find myself craving adventure.  The outdoors always draws me back to it regardless of the weather conditions or my circumstances.  This year has been no exception.  Although we have had a healthy dose of...

Jan 27, 2018

040: Hunt Perfect is a software that captures weather details from your trail cameras.  Maverick and Spencer explain how the product works, and how we can take our cameras to the next level.  

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